Benla Bennett

Benla Bennett is a multi-talented artist in various avenues of creativity. The world around us is her motivation. Having been interested in painting for many years, she began taking classes in watercolor in 2002. Then in 2004 oils became her passion while taking classes from John Paul Thornton, Charles Ketcham and Ernie Marjoram at the Fine Artists Factory in Pasadena. In 2005 painting portraits became the focus of her work. Then In 2010 pastels became her medium of choice to paint portraits of friends and peopleshe has met while traveling the world. Her goal is to capture the “essence” of the person. 2012 Benla began sculpting under the tutelage of Judeth Davis a Signature Sculptress. Now Benla is thrilled to be creating bas relief action pieces that are then cast in bronze. In addition to painting and sculpting Benla is also an accomplished weaver, basket maker and writer.